in Överkalix

Beginner or pro – in Överkalix there’s fishing for everyone. Welcome to the fisher’s paradise!

The Kalix River runs through Överkalix and is one of the untouched and protected national rivers in Sweden. Slightly north of central Överkalix you can find Jockfall, situated by the river it is known as one of the best angling and salmon fishing sites in Europe. Next to the fishing and outdoors facility you can see Jockfallet waterfall, a waterfall where you can watch the salmon climbing the fall to eventually get to their spawning grounds. In this site anglers have reeled in salmon of up to 20 kilos.

Salmon fishing season in Överkalix starts at the end of May and ends in late August. The best time to fish salmon is mid-June until the end of August.

The Kalix River, with its fishing conservation areas Ansvar-Polcirkeln and Ängesån, is one of the best salmon fishing sites in Sweden. In these locations and in Vallsjärv you can fish for trout, grayling, pike, whitefish, perch, bream, and ling. The pike perch can be found in these lakes: Miekojärvi, Djupträsk, Orrasjärv and Allsjärv.


Fishing permits and regulations

If you need to buy a fishing permit you can find more information and links to where to buy them by clicking the different fishing areas below. Fishing permits for the Kalix River, Ängesån and Vallsjärv can also be bought at Jockfall Fishing & Activities. There you can also find more information about pike perch fishing.


Flowing waters (The Kalix River)

Rödupps samfällighetsförening (English flag in top corner for English website)
Ansvar Polcirkelns FVO (English flag in top corner for English website)
Jocks byamän (fishing at Jockfall) (English flag in top corner for English website)


Ängesån, Bönälven, Skrövån and Lansån

Ängeså FVO (English flag in top corner for English website)


Vallsjärv (Swedish website)

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