Foto: Eoin Fairgreve


Vallsjärv is a village situated 5 kilometres from Jockfall, situated by the lake of the same name. The lake contains pike, perch, and whitefish.

If you dream of catching a huge old pike, you are in the right place! Here all your fishing dreams can come true. The lake is wonderful, and the pike are huge and ferocious.

The waters are unexploited and in some of them fishing with nets is prohibited, which has been a great aid in increasing the fish stock. Whether you like fly fishing, jerk baiting, or trolling, you can be sure of powerful hits from large pike. Pike of 100 centimetres and more are not at all unusual in the lakes around Jockfall.

Fishing permits and regulations

To buy fishing permits and for information about rules and regulations visit: Fiske | Vallsjarv (Swedish website)


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