Överkalix in Heart of Lapland

Överkalix in Heart of Lapland

Överkalix is an unforgettable place, a hidden treasure in the heart of Swedish Lapland. It’s a place to discover, surrounded by waterfalls, winding rivers, Instagram-friendly views, and mesmerising tranquillity. Experience the midnight sun and the northern lights amongst deep forests, mountains, and the beautiful Kalix River. Överkalix has something for everyone - adventure, activities, and relaxation all year round.

Watch the northern lights

Explore nature!

In Överkalix it’s so easy to just step out into the outdoors and you’ve got nature right at your doorstep. Here you have the mountains with their striking views, gorgeous water sparkling in the sunlight as it twists and turns its way through the landscape, and the tranquil green forests so soothing for the soul. And all of this so very close at hand and so easily accessible.


Experience real winter

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