Foto Håkan Stenlund

Explore nature

In Överkalix it’s so easy to just step out into the outdoors and you’ve got nature right at your doorstep. Here you have the hills with their striking views, gorgeous water sparkling in the sunlight as it twists and turns its way through the landscape and the tranquil green forests so soothing for the soul. And all of this so very close at hand and so easily accessible.

Here there are great opportunities to go on tours with knowledgeable and helpful guides, but also a lot of nature to discover for yourself. No need for heavy equipment, just pack your picknick basket and head on out, straight into nature!

Grelsbyberget, Laxforsberget, Brännaberget and Malungsberget Mountain are all splendid sites to explore within the municipality. And at Explore Explore Jockfall and Jockfall Fishing & Activities there are great guided tours to book.


Right of public access

The Swedish right of public access is something you will have to abide by when visiting Överkalix. The Swedish right of public access allows you to roam free in nature and pick mushrooms and berries, but with some conditions. You must be gentle as you go and treat both animals and nature with regard, as well as other people and landowners. Do not litter or inflict any lasting damage on trees or other surroundings. It’s always a good idea to read up on rules and regulations concerning the activity you have in mind, as they may differ according to activity.

Read more at VisitSweden.


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