View from Brännaberget Photo: Linnea Nilsson-Waara

Brännaberget Mountain

The mountain is situated near central Överkalix and when you reach the summit you can gaze at the stunning views of Överkalix, the Kalix River, Tallviksavan, Ängesån, and all the other mountains surrounding you. During the 1960s a wooden outdoors dance floor was built, which for a long time was considered the most modern of its kind in Sweden. This place has attracted famous performers such as ABBA, Boppers and Lill-Babs. You can drive all the way up the mountain until you reach a big parking lot, from there you can follow a footpath to a viewpoint with a view that is certainly worth a peek. In connection with Brännaberget Mountain you can access the lovely hiking trails at Grelsbyberget Mountain.

Take the opportunity to visit Brännabergets Festplats (Brännaberget’s Event Spot).


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