Photo: Håkan Stenlund

Seasons & Weather

When to go

Överkalix is a great place to visit every season, all year round. The different seasons of the year stand in beautiful contrast to each other. In winter there is lots of snow, cold temperatures, and twinkling stars. The thick blanket of snow offers a vast range of wonderful winter activities such as snowmobiling, or the authentically Arctic mode of transport, the kicksled. Spring begins with sunny days out fishing on the ice and skiing, before the spectacular breakup of the ice happens, and spring really comes into full swing. Summer offers midnight sun, pleasantly warm nights, and fantastic fishing opportunities. Autumn colours nature red and gold, and the forest is full of ripe berries and mushrooms for the picking.


Every season has its charm

You have the best chance of catching the northern lights in October to January. You will find the most snow between December and April, and the coldest months are December until the end of February with average temperatures of about -12 degrees Celsius. Occasionally it can get really cold with temperatures as low as -35 degrees Celsius.

The spring winter

In March-April, early spring or “spring winter” as it’s known in Swedish, brings milder weather but there’s still a lot of snow. That is an amazing time to go skiing and you will need sunglasses to shield your eyes from the bright sunlight reflected in the snow.


In April-May, the ice breaks on the rivers around Överkalix. True spring arrives in May.


June is the lightest month, and the environment is vibrantly green. The sunlight is wonderful, and the forests are magical, however, now the mosquitoes have arrived too, so you will need to put in a mosquito net if you like to sleep with your window open and mosquito repellent is certainly a good idea when going outside.

In late June, the Överkalix locals celebrate midsummer and around this time, the sun doesn’t set at night. June and July are the best months to see the midnight sun. July and August tend to be the warmest months, averaging around +15 degrees Celsius.

The season to pick berries and mushrooms begins in July and continues into September.


Autumn is a stunningly beautiful time to enjoy the scenic surroundings of Överkalix. September-October means moose hunting season and those moving in the woods should have brightly coloured clothes, in order to be immediately visible to hunters.





What to pack

If you come here in winter, you will need warm clothes, preferably several layers. Pack a warm cap, mittens/gloves, a woolly scarf, and warm shoes. In March-April, warm clothes are still good to have, as well as sunglasses.

If you are visiting Överkalix in summer it’s good to remember that temperatures sometimes dip in the evening and at night, which is why it can be good to bring a jacket.

Don’t forget sunscreen – the sun’s rays are strong in Swedish Lapland too. Mosquito repellent is also a good thing to have, to protect you against the annoying little insects, active from June until August. If you are visiting in autumn, we recommend bringing brightly coloured clothing if you are planning to be out in the forests during the moose hunting season in September-October. In autumn, it is also wise to bring a warm cap and gloves, as well as waterproof shoes.



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