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Visit Överkalix is run by Överkalix municipality and produced within the “Överkalix, platsen är utmärkt för turism” project, which was funded by Överkalix municipality with subsidization through the County Administrative Board of Norrbotten’s regional project fund.


Do you have questions or opinions concerning the website? Contact us via visit@overkalix.se


Are you a part of the tourism industry and want to be featured on this website? Have a look at our page for the tourism industry in Överkalix.


Accessibility on the website


The website is, in part, made in accordance with level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, version 2.1. Non- accessible content is described below.


Use without vision or use with impaired vision.
  • Some maps on the website, intended for navigational use, lack alternative directions. WCAG 1.1.1 (A).


Manageable, accessibility via keyboard
  • PDF-documents in the form of maps may hold content inaccessible via keyboard.

If you need information from the website in another format than that available on the website, contact us via visit@overkalix.se


Report flaws in website accessibility

We are constantly working towards improving the site’s accessibility. If you discover issues not described on this page, or if you feel we are not meeting the requirements of the law, please let us know.



The Agency for Digital Government are responsible for supervising that the accessibility regulations are being implemented on public sector websites. If you are not happy with how we deal with your comments, feel free to contact The Agency for Digital Government to let them know.



Contact information

Överkalix kommun

E-mail: kommun@overkalix.se

Telephone: +46 926-740 00 (operator)




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