Sustainable Överkalix

Take a deep breath of the nice fresh air. Take a step and feel your feet sinking into the soft moss. Responsible and sustainable travelling starts here, in the love and respect you show for the place you are visiting, the animals you see there, and the people you meet. Överkalix – beautiful untouched nature to enjoy and preserve, for us and for future generations.

The Swedish right of public access is something you will have to abide by when visiting Överkalix. The Swedish right of public access allows you to roam free in nature and pick mushrooms and berries, but with some conditions. You must be gentle as you go and treat both animals and nature with regard, as well as other people and landowners. Do not litter or inflict any lasting damage on trees or other surroundings. It’s always a good idea to read up on rules and regulations concerning the activity you have in mind, as they may differ according to activity.

Read more about the Swedish right of public access

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