View from Malungsberget Photo:Linnea Waara-Nilsson

Malungsberget Mountain Nature Reserve

Malungsberget Mountain offers an amazing view of the Kalix River. You can access the nature reserve from road E10, and from the parking lot you can follow a trail by foot leading up to the top of one of the peaks. There are three peaks, all in all, and you could easily spend a whole day wandering the area. The highest peak is located closest to the road and measures 215 metres above sea level. Bring a packed meal and enjoy the old pinetrees (some as old as 450 years!) and the vast fields of shingle the nature reserve has to offer.

The inhabitants of Överkalix call the mountain Mjölåsberget.

More information (in Swedish only) can be found at Malungsberget | Länsstyrelsen Norrbotten ( website), where you can also find information about the rules and regulations of the nature reserve.



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