Foto: Heart of Lapland

Jockfall Fishing & Activities

The facility has a high visitor rate and is situated about 4 Swedish miles north of central Överkalix. Experience Jockfallet Waterfall, which offers a magnificent display of the salmon climbing the fall to get to their spawning grounds. Jockfall is well-known as one of the best angling and salmon fishing sites in Europe. It’s not unusual to reel in salmon of up to 20 kilos. Jockfall Fishing & Activities offers outdoor adventure, exciting fishing, comfortable accommodation, a small shop with simple food, fishing permits, fishing gear, and a wonderful restaurant overlooking the mighty waterfall. In the reception area you can get the latest information on fishing and good tips for both fishing and activities. Here you can rent a boat, book fishing and outdoor adventure guides, and pick up your Artic Circle certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle line.

Fishing Permits

You can buy fishing permits for the Kalix River (Ansvar-Polcirkeln fiskevårdsområde fishing area), Ängesån, and Vallsjärv, here at Jockfall Fishing & Activities. Here you can also find information about pike perch fishing.

Photo: Linnea Nilsson-Waara


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