Foto: Eoin Fairgreve

Ansvar-Polcirkeln FVO

The conservation area consists of about 12 kilometres of the untouched Kalix River and offers a wide variety of angling. Here you can angle for salmon, sea trout, grayling, pike, and perch. The salmon start their journey upstream at the end of May. The bigger salmon arrive first. It’s not unusual to catch salmon of 10–20 kg in this area.

The varying stream conditions, the hard rapids, and the smooth glassy waters, make for an array of angling styles. In some areas fishing from a boat is advisable, while in others fishing from the riverbank is to be preferred. The riverbanks are easily accessible, during normal water level conditions for summer.

Good spots for fishing

Along the river stretch there are a few good starting spots for fishing. Most of them are equipped with wind shelters, fireplaces, and outhouses. There is also firewood on site for using free of charge. In some of these spots you can launch your boat. From the nearest public road, you can follow directions to each of the spots.

See PDF with fishing spots HERE (map in Swedish)

Fishing permits and regulations

If fishing at Ansvar-Polcirkeln, you must be able to show a valid permit for the area. Fishing without a valid permit is illegal. Show solidarity with the other anglers by always purchasing the appropriate permit! Children and those under the age of 18 do not need a permit.

You can buy fishing permits and find more information about rules and regulations at (English flag in top corner for English website). Or buy your fishing permits on site at Jockfall Fishing & Activities.

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