Foto: Stuart Davis, Hooké

Ängesån FVO

In the heart of Swedish Lapland, in the land of the midnight sun, Ängesån (Sweden’s largest forest river) runs across the Arctic Circle. Ängesån is known for its excellent salmon fishing and for being easily accessible as there are forest roads on both sides of the river. Over 6 Swedish miles of high-quality and varied fly and spin fishing beats, long shallow riverbeds good for wading, make Ängesån a paradise for fly fishing. There are plenty of good spots for spin fishing, as well. The river offers a memorable, and for those who seek it, undisturbed fishing adventure.

Grayling fishing

The best time for grayling fishing is at the start of the season, when the waters are at their coldest. It is, however, prohibited between 1 March and 31 May. But no worries, there is always plenty of grayling in this area. We recommend bringing a one-hand rod and grayling lures.

Fishing permits and regulations

You can buy fishing permits and find more information about rules and regulations at (English flag in top corner for English website).
Buy your fishing permits on site at Jockfall Fishing & Activities.


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