Foto: Pattisjokki, Heart of lapland

Experience the spring winter

The spring winter is a special time in Överkalix. This is when the light returns after the dark winter months, the birds chirp again, and you can feel the warmth from the sun again. However, the snow still covers the ground like a big fluffy blanket, inspiring you to wonderful outings.

Enjoy the spring sun, making the snow sparkle like diamonds, all while you grab a hot beverage from your rucksack and cook a sausage over an open fire at one of the lovely campfire sites in Överkalix. And why not stop by beautiful Storlappberget Mountain and go cross-country skiing, try the slalom slope, or go snowboarding or sledging. Grelsbyberget Mountain is another great spot to experience the spring-winter. Be sure to bring sunglasses and sunscreen as the spring sun can be harsh, especially when reflected in the white snow!

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