Storlappberget Mountain

Storlappberget Mountain offers activities all year round. In winter you can go cross-country skiing on the well-prepared tracks, or swoosh down the slope on skis, snowboard, or on a sledge. Or why not cook a sausage on the fire in the cosy grilling hut near the parking lot? There is also a service house, if you would like to change into your ski wear, take a shower after a snowball fight, or visit a restroom.

The tracks are paved and are used for roller skiing in the summer.

You can find prices and opening hours for the ski slope and service house at Överkalix kommun’s website (Swedish website with translation button).

Find your way to Storlappberget Mountain ski slope

The easiest way to get here is by car. Just north of the exit for Överkalix on road E10, you turn left at the sign for Talljärv, Skidanläggning, Rullskidbana. Then, about 900 metres in, turn left at the sign for Skidanläggning. When you have reached the end of that road, you have arrived. Welcome!


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