10 spectacular things about Överkalix


Nature + water = magic – The nature here is hard to beat. Deep forests, mountains, and beautiful meadows surrounded by water.

The midnight sun – Experience endless day. Go hiking, biking, bathing, fishing, and sauna bathing in the mesmerizing, golden light.

The Northern Lights – Överkalix is the perfect place to experience nature’s very own light show.

Real winter/summer – The fluffiest snow-covered idyll in winter, and the best bathing and sunbathing there is in summer.

Instagram-friendly – Gorgeous views, surrounded by water and quirky places to visit (a selfie with a stuffed bear - anyone?), not to mention the northern lights and the midnight sun!

A fisher’s paradise – Salmon, trout, grayling, pike, whitefish, pike perch, bream, ling and perch! There is fishing for both beginners and pros.

The Arctic Circle – Nothing is as much fun as jumping back and forth over the Arctic Circle Line. Don’t forget to grab yourself an Arctic Circle Certificate!

The mountains – There are quite a few lovely mountains to explore in Överkalix. If stunning views is your cup of tea, then this is the place for you!

Waterfalls – Don’t miss the powerful forces of nature displayed by Jockfallet and Linafallet, or the enchantingly beautiful Brudslöjan.

The Sauna – Sauna-bathing is deeply ingrained in the Överkalix culture, and it is done all year round. Enjoy beautiful views, the sauna and swimming from a nice sauna raft, available to rent (Swedish website).

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