Lapland Arctic Ultra 2024

Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra 2024, our 3rd edition, starts on March 3 in Överkalix. Again with the distances 185 and 500 km. New for winter 2024 will be a 20 km and a 50 km race. Both of these shorter races will follow the ultra track.

For the 20 km, this means that the entire run will be on the ice of the river. The 50 km athletes will also go up country paths to Laxforsberget, checkpoint one and afterwards they will leave the regular loop #1 and take a more direct route to then finish in Jockfall. The exact location of the 20km race is yet to be confirmed. Possible branches for all races are foot, ski and bike.

Read more on LAU's own webbpage: LAU2024

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