Photo: Aina Eriksson

Snickersgården Bed & Breakfast

Stay at Snickersgården Bed & Breakfast, not far from central Överkalix, and experience the midnight sun!

The farm is located 100 metres from the Kalix River, in the land of the midnight sun. There is a newly renovated cottage with great prospects for salmon fishing.

The cabin with bed and breakfast has a large pateo, kitchen, family room, bedroom, toilet, shower, and two permanent beds with potential for two more bed spaces. Linens and towels are included. Breakfast can be ordered.

Boat and life jackets are available for rent. Also, there is a home bakery with a wood fired oven, as well as sheep and dogs, on the farm. The farm is located by the 392 heading towards Jockfall, one of the best salmon fishing spots in the country.

Aina and Olle, who run the B&B, bid you all a very warm welcome.

Address: Östra Stråkan 59

Getting here:

Turn off from road E4 onto road E10 in Töre, stay on the E10 for about 50 kilometres, then turn right onto road 98 about 4 kilometres until you cross the bridge in Nybyn, continue on the 392 about 8 kilometres and you have arrived.


Tel: +46 926-23021 or +46 70-324 84 70


Aina & Olle

Foto: Aina Eriksson

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